Super BT Mono Pro - Don't buy 1.5.1


PLS DON'T BUY THIS ONE. It's only for paid users to re-download.

For those who had bought my app twice, pls email me both order number. Will refund.

This app was originally called "SUPER BT MONO FROYO PRO"

** Please try the free version before you purchase this app.

Update: Bug fix.

** Latest feature: Automatic turn on Super BT MONO when music is playing; Automatic off when music stops. Save Bluetooth headset juice.

1. Auto restart after phone call;
2. Auto turn-on when bt headset connected

route audio through bluetooth mono headset or earpiece. Be able to use bluetooth headset for voip like skype, sipdroid, etc.

Note 1: Need to maximize media/notification volume before turn on this app.
Note 2: For skype user, need to turn on this app after making skype call. This is due to a problem of skype.

Update on Jan 23, 2011: Switch back to old one due to automatic turn on feature may cause inconvenience. Sorry for that. Will make it an option asap.

Update on Jan 22, 2011: Automatic start when connected to bluetooth mono headset.

Last Updated:2011-09-19 01:55:02
File size:0.17MB
OS:Android 2.2 and up

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